The California Gold Rush started in 1848 when over 300,000 entrepreneurs rushed to the State, eager to seek their fortunes. Though the Gold Rush lasted only seven years, it changed the economic landscape forever.

As rewarding as the gold from the California Mother Lode, those prospectors left a lasting legacy available today for those who have the entrepreneurial spirit and desire to attain it ...

Opportunity ... with a bread known as Sourdough!


We know it's important, when evaluating a business opportunity, to verify the market demand for your product or service. The 'fast casual' category of the industry has reported strong growth over the last decade - in fact, it represents the majority of the industry's growth, driven by consumer demand. Customers are looking for better quality food choices, without sacrificing convenience.

In 2019 Trendsource Fast Casual Food Service report, 63.9% of respondents believed fast casual is generally healthier than fast food, and 62.5% said they'd pay up to 25% more for the quality improvement, and better customer experience.

When asked why they would try a new fast casual option, 29.2% said they wanted food that 'feels authentic', and 23.6% said they wanted elevated versions' of familiar foods.

Even more important for our owners, the reasons stated for return visits: 68.2% food quality, and 47.9% customer experience. As you'll see, those are two key areas we focus on to support your success.


We believe there are two key elements to your success: a system that completely supports each stage of your development, launch and building community visibility, and a true commitment to warm hospitality for your guests.

For over a decade, we've been a strong, stable company focused on growth, with partners eager to create their own success story.

We offer detailed training, team resources, onsite visits from our specialists, and monthly follow up to see how we can best help you grow and prosper. 

World of Sourdough has partnered with Khamu Solutions as our Point of Sale (POS) support to facilitate by providing the best technology, backed by industry leading 24/7, customer service, in-house, Point of Sale, Online Ordering, Website Design and Mobile App support.

And since our guest experience is so important to your success, we'll help with your new hire recruiting, as well as training - friendly faces and great customer service skills are key to building a strong repeat customer base!

We'll share more details on our system as we talk, but the most important take away we want to leave you with is: you can trust us to help you build your business. Everything we do is to help increase the return on your investment. After all, we only succeed if you do!


We look forward to learning more about you to see how we can help you get started on your path to success with World of Sourdough.

Please review and complete the forms below, then plan to connect with us to learn more. In the meantime click through our site to learn more about us.

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